Welcome to PHARP Rwanda

PHARP-Rwanda is a Christian non-profit organization involved in building peace, healing and reconciliation in Rwanda. PHARP-Rwanda started in 1998 with a focus on creating spaces of dialogue and healing among Rwandans. People share experiences for the creation of new understanding and the transformation of attitudes in order to restore relationships which were lost during 1994 Genocide perpetrated against Tutsis. PHARP encourages their initiatives to form associations for local mutual assistance and working together for peace, reconciliation and development.

A thank you message

            We, at PHARP, are very thankful to all of you who have supported and helped the work of PHARP through your generous praying, visiting, advice, and giving.
            You have enabled us to reach out to communities with the work of healing,reconciling and peace which transformed many lives of Rwandans
            and we can only hope that more will be done with your continuing cooperation.

            May the Most High bless you.